Sunday, September 26, 2021

free online transition resources - learn to become

The, “Learn How to Become,” website has a ton of content for career exploration.  You can explore career families and choose any career imaginable.  

First, you can review the basics and in-depth details about the career you are exploring.

Next, there are details on job outlook and salary.  You can select the specific State you live in. You can learn step-by-step paths to becoming a chef. 

I love how there are many options depending upon what level you want to achieve in the career - culinary school, community college, trade school, or 4 year university options. 

Next, you can read TIPS on how to become a Chef from an interview of someone currently working in that field.

Finally, there are links to Culinary School and Chef Career Resources.  Check out my video walk through of this website to get you up to speed and start using this in your classroom right away!