Thursday, January 28, 2021

free online transition resources series

When I started teaching a Transition Program of adults ages 18-22 years of age, I had literally no resources!  There was nothing in my room (which was basically a kitchen break room at the District Office) but chairs and 2 tables! The district I worked for had never had an Adult Transition Program before.  This turned out to be a great blessing because I could build the program into whatever I wanted it to be!

The biggest roadblock was BUDGET, there wasn't one.  I requested Boardmaker software because many of my students were non-verbal and needed picture supports for behavior, schedules, etc.  Thankfully, I got Boardmaker, but I had no curriculum.

That’s why I created this YouTube Series - Free Online Transition Resources!  If you need...

...then this series is for you! Links to each website provided in each video’s description box.