Saturday, June 26, 2021

ESY summer 2021!

Now back to our regularly scheduled program...

Summer 2021! Time for Extended School Year with my Community Based Transition Adult Program.  Here in California, we are just now, “opening.” We have been one of the most restricted States in the U.S. during the Covid Pandemic.  Now we are finally getting back to our in-person program (THANK GOODNESS!!!). 

Many of our student jobs were lost during the shutdown. Volunteering stopped and is still extremely limited.  So this summer, I decided to focus on Recreation and Leisure and Daily Living Skills!

The days are a little harder to fill without our jobs, but we will persevere and get back working as soon as we can.  Here are some TIPS on how to stay cool while you are out an about with your class this summer:

Need help getting organized for ESY?  I have 2 FREE ESY ORGANIZERS AND LESSON PLANNERS FOR YOU!

Tropical ESY Organizer:

Ice Cream Treats ESY Planner:

Here's to an awesome summer! :)