Friday, October 30, 2020

course of study

What is the Course of Study?

The Course of Study outlines the exact academic requirements the student needs to complete in order to accomplish his or her postsecondary goals.

The Course of Study should NOT just say, “See Transcript.”

EXAMPLE TEMPLATE:  These courses will assist (student name) in developing the (list skills) needed to be a (list career goal/job). Courses will assist (him/her) in obtaining a diploma as well as assist (him/her) with the (communication, reading, and writing skills) needed to apply for, interview for, and keep employment opportunities, as well as to actively participate in (community college/4 year university/technical training/vocational school classes). See attached transcript.

Check out this video for additional examples using this template!

Thursday, October 22, 2020

transition iep goal examples #2 moderate to severe disabilities

Transition IEP goal examples - goals are in the YouTube description box for your convenience to copy and paste! 

By (date), given a field of (#) pictures of people of various careers (teacher, firefighter, construction worker, office worker, etc.), and the prompt, “Touch/find the (career/job name),” (student name) will (touch/point to/indicate with communication/AAC device) the correct picture with 80% accuracy in 4 out of 5 trials as measured by teacher observation and data collection.

By (date), when shown a picture of a person doing a specific career or job, and asked, “Would you like to do this job? Yes or no?” (student name) will indicate yes or no using their AAC communication device in 4 out of 5 trials as measured by teacher log of responses in (student’s name) Transition Portfolio.

Friday, January 24, 2020

like, heart, follow, share

My love for Transition Education is rooted in the fact that it is student-centered. Interest Inventory Assessments are an informal way to provide age-appropriate Transition Assessments yearly. 

Helping our students learn about their strengths, preferences, and interests and how those preferences relate to post-school education, employment, and life is an important job.

I grew up loving the quizzes in my Seventeen magazine. Today, I take silly quizzes or polls on Facebook or Instagram. Self-Assessment options are everywhere!

I created this "All About You," informal Transition Assessment to help teachers assess all Transition Education domains. You can analyze the results of this assessment by summarizing: areas of strengths, areas of need, postsecondary goals, annual goals to make progress towards postsecondary goals, and instruction, activities, and supports necessary to meet those goals. The Student Interest Inventory is formatted with subheadings to help you complete all parts of the Individual Transition Plan.


Wednesday, January 22, 2020

transition iep goal examples youtube series #1

Transition IEP goal examples series (goals are in the YouTube description for your convenience to copy and paste!) Check out these 2!

By (date), given access to a computer connected to the internet, (student name) will complete interest surveys and career assessments to identify careers of interest and related education/training requirements for those careers as measured by contents of Transition Portfolio documentation.

By (date), given access to a computer connected to the internet, (student name) will research and identify at least 5 possible 4-Year Colleges that match (his/her) needs by listing: the name and location of the college, the major(s)/degree(s) that lead to (his/her) career of interest, the GPA range, SAT/ACT score range, and the cost of each college for 2 out of 2 college identification exercises as measured by teacher observation and data collection.

Tuesday, January 21, 2020

picture this

It’s IEP time and you need to do an updated, “age-appropriate Transition assessment.” Ugh. Not that I mind transition assessments, I love all things Transition! 

My district has transition assessments both formal and informal (Transition Planning Inventory - including the modified questionnaire for students with moderate to severe disabilities and Informal Assessments for Transition Planning). Both are great, but neither one of those options really met the needs of my students with more severe disabilities. 

This Visual Student Interest Inventory is designed for students with moderate to severe disabilities, non-readers, and students who need picture text/picture symbols (Boardmaker, News 2 You, Proloquo2Go, etc.) to learn or communicate. This is an informal assessment to help you determine a student's strengths, preferences, and interests as part of Transition Planning and developing the Individual Transition Plan (ITP) part of the IEP.